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Book Review: Sacred Ireland

~ Monday, April 16, 2007

Book Review: Sacred Ireland by Cary Meehan
reviewed by Pat Anderson

There is a small innocuous-looking travel book that will knock your
history-seeking socks off! Just the size of the average paperback, it
is much heavier than it appears, and there is a good reason for that.

The cover reads: “The Traveller’s Guide to Sacred Ireland” and one
might assume it’s just another dull list of old mouldy churches and
tumbled standing stones, but think again! This book is full of
information that brings the subject alive! It contains, by province, by
county and by area of each county, every sacred place and structure,
from the distant Neolithic past to recent Christianity, and not just
where it is and how to get there, a full description of the “remains”,
whether you need to obtain entry permission, etc. and all this in a
historical context to boot. There aren’t always pictures for every
single location, those appearing all provided by the author, but the
words themselves provide a mental picture. A subtitle reads: “A guide
to the sacred places of Ireland, her legends, folklore, and people”, so
even if you can’t physically go there, you can take an imagination
“grand tour” of these ancient sites.

The book is written (and updated periodically) by Cary Meehan and
published by Gothic Image Publications, interestingly located in
Glastonbury, England! You can buy the book through Amazon
for $16.47 (the book lists for $24.95).


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