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Book Review: Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of The Sparkling Solo Dress

~ Monday, February 5, 2007

Book review: Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of The Sparkling Solo Dress by Brenna Brigg

reviewed by Brin Wassenberg, Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance

Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of The Sparkling Solo Dress Crown is about a thirteen year old girl who is still in her class dress and is waiting to get her solo dress this up coming feis. Liffy’s dad lets her travel alone to the feis in St. Louis, Missouri. Liffey takes this as an opportunity to get away from her cheering Aunt. At the feis she notices that there is a man who has a bag that contains an Irish dancing doll with an oversized diamond solo dress crown. Liffey is suspicious. She has seen this man with the black hair with a white stripe (like a skunk) before.

Liffey tries to juggle the feis and the case of oversized crown on that beautiful red-haired doll. She soon realizes that something is wrong with the doll’s crown. She falls on-stage after a jig, faints and wakes up in the hotel First-Aid, so it delays her time to stop the skunk man and his accomplice. After falling on-stage and escaping from the First-Aid, Liffey remembers an old memory that gives her the final clue of the dress crown!

Liffey tries to stop them but fails. Her dad flies to the feis in St. Louis after hearing what happened to her and starts to take Liffey away. But Liffey can’t let the skunk man get away with the scandal and the oversized dress crown. Liffey explains what happens to her dad and he decides to help. They soon catch the accomplice and the skunk man and prove that the diamonds on the solo dress crown are real. Now one question is, will Liffey win her jig and get a solo dress?

I really liked this book. When I got to the middle of the book it got a little confusing. I recommend it for people who like mysteries.

[Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of The Sparklinq Solo Dress Crown is available from] There is also a sequel to this book, Liffey Rivers and the Mystery of the Winking Judge, also available at]


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