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continuing our Irish traditions in a spirit of cooperation and good will

Welcome to the Tucson Irish Community

Welcome to the Tucson Irish Community, devoted to continuing our Irish traditions in a spirit of cooperation and good will. We will continue to keep you current on news and events related to the local Irish and Scottish community. We are including a series of profiles of members of our local Irish community. Let us know whose profile you would like to read and if that be you, give us your fascinating information! We also have a new section for reviews. And our guestbook is now active. Please write the webmasters with what content you would like to see. This is a monitored guestbook to eliminate spam comments, so there is a delay between your post and it appearing.

The 2017 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival pictures are up. See them here. Pictures may be downloaded free for non-commercial use (tip: be sure to download the picture, not the thumbnail). If you post a picture on your personal or group web site, the photo credit is: copyright 2017, Aine Ni Haralambie, Use key words to search pictures (use fewer words—the search looks only for an exact match). If we missed a caption or got it wrong, please email Aine@TucsonIrishCommunity. com to let us know. We have pictures starting with the 2000 parade and festival. When our server crashed, we lost the 2006 and 2007 albums; I have uploaded the 2007 pictures, but I will not be able to title or key word them. The 2006 pictures may be on a different computer, but they aren’t online now. The 2009 pictures probably won’t get titles. The 2008 pictures are up with titles. After our webmaster died, the albums resorted themselves, so are no longer in the correct chronological order. All photos were taken with high resolution, but posted with lower resolution. Let us know if you want a high resolution digital copy of a picture.

Coming Events
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For information on traditional Irish music sessions in Tucson, including the weekly Sunday afternoon session from 4:00 until they quit at Sky Bar, 536 N. 4th Avenue, see

We lost all of our update subscribers in an update. We must now create a new list through MailChimp. So everyone will need to sign up again at the link above. Sorry for the inconvenience! Also, there is a glitch in our events calendar which defaults most events to the date, time, and place for a 2/23/2016 Chieftains Concert. So please read the text for the event.
Chieftains 55th Anniversary Tour Concert 2/28/18 - 02/23/2016
Old Blind Dogs Concert - 03/03/2018
Tucson-Roscommon Mayors' Luncheon - 03/16/2018
Alan Reid and Rob van Sante House Concert 3/16/18 - 01/22/2016
Green Isle Mile Race - 03/17/2018
Tucson St. Patrick's Day Parade and Festival 3/17/18 - 02/23/2016
Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin House Concert - 04/07/2018
Also see our Events Calendar.
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Learn some common Irish phrases! New phrases added periodically.

Music and lyrics to some of your favorites.
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