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McNamara's Band

~ Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Oh me name is McNamara, I’m the leader of the band
Al-though were few in number, we’re the finest in the land
We play at wakes and weddings and at every fancy ball
And when we play to funerals, we play the March from Saul
Right now we are re-hearsing for a very swell af-fair
The annual cele-bration and the gentry will be there
When General Grant, to Ireland came, he shook me by the hand
Says he: I never saw the likes of McNamara band

Oh the drums go bang, and the cymbals clang,
and the horns they blaze a-way
Mc-Carthy pumps the old bazoon,
while I the pipes do play
And Hennessy Tennessy tootles the flute,
the music is something grand
A credit to old Ireland is McNamara’s band

Chorus Tag:
Yerra go on, you’re only joking, yerra go on,
you’re pulling me leg
Yerra go on, you’re only joking, yerra go on,
go on, go on, you’re pulling me leg

Oh my name is Uncle Julius and from Sweden I have come
To play with McNamara’s band and beat the big bass drum
And when I march a-long the street, the ladies think I’m grand
They shout: there’s Uncle Julius, playing with an Irish band (women)

Oh, I wear a bunch of shamrocks and a uniform of green
And I’m the funniest looking Swede that you have ever seen
There’s O’Briens and Ryans and Sheehans and Meehans, they come from Ire-land
But, by Yimminy, I’m the only Swede in McNamara’s band


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