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  1. Im looking for a meeting place for Irish folk in Tucson.

    Rusti Hilliker · Sun Jan 1, 02:37 PM · #

  2. Hello everyone, I just found out about my Irish roots and thought I would see what I could find in Tucson. Glad to see this site and hope to be able to follow it. My ancestors are the Brantley’s and I have my family tree being sent from a family member in Texas. Looking forward to see where it all began. Have a great day.

    Mike Goodwin · Sun Aug 28, 09:48 AM · #

  3. Introducing New eBooks from Ireland: Original Stories for Children

    With my compliments,


    Richard Mc Sweeney · Fri Aug 5, 09:06 AM · #

  4. just visiting your website, hoping to find an online foothold in a group that works on history of Irish immigrants in Arizona mine fields. Any suggestions?

    Colin M Pollard · Mon Mar 7, 07:12 AM · #

  5. The Tucson Hurling Club newly founded in 2015 is looking for players. Any gender and age between 18-55+ are welcome to play the Irish sport of hurling. We would love to participate and/or help promote any local Irish events where appropriate. For details on how look us up on

    Tucson Hurling Club · Mon Feb 1, 05:17 PM · #

  6. Hello there,
    I hope you don’t mind me dropping you a note out of the blue…but I wondered if you might be able to help me out.
    As a new Irish author I recently published a picture book for children, Vinnie the Mole and the Baby Dragon, a story of fun, adventure and friendship. This is a real community project with huge inputs from Irish school children.
    Would you be able to advise on how I could publicise it in the US? I think it might make a great stocking filler for younger readers…
    It is available from the highly reputable and long established Galway book sellers, Kenny Book Shop on and comes with free delivery, worldwide.

    Thanks very much


    Declan Clarke · Sat Dec 5, 12:08 PM · #

  7. I am getting married this year at the Tucson Celtic Festival and Scottish Highland Games – Handfasting Ceremony!

    Lynda O'Hanlon · Wed Sep 30, 03:20 PM · #

    I just wanted to introduce myself and invite you to visit my website which might be of interest to anyone considering getting married in Ireland.

    I am an Independent Civil Celebrant and create beautiful, bespoke ceremonies for weddings and civil ceremonies across Ireland.

    With best wishes
    Julie Antonette

    Julie Antonette · Fri Mar 6, 09:01 AM · #

  9. My spouse, Dolores Kathleen Treacy Sass passed away a few days ago. The family would like to do a celebration of her life this November. I’m looking for an Irish music group, dancers and a piper or two. Can you give me some suggestions, please?

    Thank you.

    Jerry Sass · Mon Aug 25, 11:20 AM · #

  10. Enjoyed looking at your web site. Mitchell and Brianna Davis are my grand niece and nephew. I am also involved in genealogy and am a member of the Latta Genealogy Society.

    Lynn Maxine Davis Geyer · Sat Mar 15, 07:51 AM · #

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