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Arizona Irish-learners fundraising to study in Ireland

A group that studies Irish language is trying to raise money to go to Ireland for classes. At least two members are Tucson Irish dancers. They have asked me to post this request:

Aiséirí (ash-eye-ree) is an active group of Irish Language Learners based in Arizona. Our current mission is to create opportunity for study under the direction of highly qualified instructors in Ireland. In order to demonstrate how dedicated we are to studying the language, we are willing to walk to Ireland. As a group we are tracking our daily miles and plan to walk the distance from our homes to Ireland, 4982 miles. We are working hard to achieve our goal of attending two Irish schools, one week each, in October 2017.
The first school, Oideas Gael, founded in 1984, is an Irish language cultural center in Glencolmcille, County Donegal specializing in adult Irish language education. The founding directors, Liam Ó Cuinneagáin and Professor Seosamh Watson are both internationally known for their innovative approaches to language learning.
The second school, Feicim, is founded and managed by Bríd Ní Chualáin, who holds a NUIG Masters degree in extensive Irish language studies as well as a NUIM Diploma in teaching Irish to adults.

Be part of our adventure, please consider contributing towards our journey. Even a little bit gets us closer.

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Traditional Irish Music Session every Sunday now at Sky Bar on Fourth Avenue

There is a Irish traditional music open session held every Sunday from 4:00 until they quit at “Sky Bar“, 536 N 4th Avenue. (Since the Auld Dubliner closed the session has moved to this location. It is no longer at Murphy’s Public House either.)

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Tucson Irish dancers at World Championships

The best Irish dancers who competed at the Oireachtas Rince Na Cruinne 2017 (2017 World Irish Dancing Championships) held in Dublin April 9-17 are “recalled.” There were some 5,000 dancers from Ireland and throughout the world competing. Tucson dancers who recalled and their standings at “the Worlds” were:

Eric Crone, 19th place boys under 15, Celtic Steps
Liam Boyd, 20th place boys under 16, Celtic Steps
Meghan Crownhart, 47th place girls under 17, Celtic Step
Kaylie Dudusche, 50th place girls under 19, Maguire Academy of Irish Dance

Congratulations to these fine dancers and all of the Tucson Irish dancers who qualified for and competed at the Worlds.

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2017 St. Patrick's Day Parade Winners

Here are the winners in Tucson’s 2017 St. Patrick’s Day Parade (congratulations to you all!):

Grand Marshal’s Award: McArdle Clan
Best Parade Theme: Irish American Gaelic Society
Best Musical Entry: Maguire Academy of Irish Dance
Most Humorous Entry: Sabbar Shriners
Best Commercial Entry: OhhhPhoto Booth Bus

See the winners here

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Donegal-based novel becomes first to link US and Ireland on the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’

(Description from publilsher. I have ordered this and will weigh in after I’ve read it. -Aine)

With the intriguing title of ‘Pretty Ugly,’ international journalist, Sean Hillen, has emerged as the first author to pen a novel linking Ireland with the United States set exactly on the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ – and he’s chosen the rugged Donegal coastline as the setting for much of the book’s dramatic action.

Summed up by the phrase, ‘Cosmetics create beauty, but when that turns ugly, it’s lethal,’ the contemporary suspense novel is a rocky ride through the murky undercurrent of corporate and political machinations bridging the complex worlds of medicine, media and modeling, in both the US and Ireland, with a surprising touch of magic realism, Celtic-style. The plot links Donegal and Belfast with Kansas City, Boston, New York and Washington.

Grounded in cutting-edge medical science and following extensive research by Sean, who worked at the UN Media Center in New York and was a former medical correspondent for a US daily newspaper, ‘Pretty Ugly’ focuses on a key contemporary health issue – the extensive and unregulated use of nanoparticles, particularly in everyday cosmetics.

“Cosmetic companies are so rich and powerful in the US, they have prevented a succession of high-profile politicians including former Senator Edward Kennedy and national regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration from analyzing what toxic materials are in the products we see every day on our supermarket shelves, both for men and women,” said Sean. “One of the main questions my novel deals with is the physical horrors these rogue nanoparticles, a thousandth time smaller than a human cell, could create when they flood through your body in the bloodstream to key organs such as the brain and heart. The other issue in my book involves the struggle faced by traditional media including newspapers in face of the ever-widening Internet.”

Facing some terrible truths, an unlikely trio of characters – an investigative journalist, a skin specialist and a celebrity model – embark on a dangerous mission, to lift the veil of secrecy on a powerful cosmetics company intent on concealing the health hazards from toxic ingredients in one of its lucrative products. Ironically, the greatest risk is contained inside an ordinary concealer – nanoparticles so tiny they infiltrate nerve and blood cells causing untold damage. If the trio move fast enough, they can save lives. If they don’t …

Sensing a national exclusive, Colm Heaney, an impassioned emigrant Irish medical reporter, embarks on a strange quest to Donegal, in search of Patricia Roberts, a former Miss America in hiding after a bizarre accident left her severely scarred, both mentally and physically, and a close friend in a coma. Discovering the beauty queen is involved in a medical experiment using the most ancient of skin rejuvenation remedies – simple bog turf – Colm then finds himself involved in a major investigation that reveals corruption at the highest levels of American society, with high-ranking figures in the corporate and political worlds facing off, willing to risk everything to protect their exalted positions and principles. Bribery and paparazzi become key elements in the story.
“Far be it from me to say, ‘Pretty Ugly’ would make an excellent gift,” said Sean. “But think of it this way. It has a pretty cover, it’s a pretty good read and it’s a pretty size so it’s bound to look extremely pretty wrapped up with nice colorful paper or inside a seasonal red stocking. As for the ‘ugly’ bit. Keep in mind, ‘Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.’ Sean also hopes “Pretty Ugly’ can help kick-start what he terms ‘literary tourism’ in Ireland’s economically marginalized northwest, with more tourists coming to Donegal to see places they read about in his novel such as Gola and Tory Islands, Dunlewey, the Poisoned Glen, Gaoth Dobhair, Cnoc Fola (Bloody Foreland), the village of Bunbeg, local music venues such as Teac Jack, Teac Hiudái Beag’s, and many others.
Book can be purchased on Amazon. in print and as an e-book and you can find out more about Sean on his website

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Support "Her Exiled Children," three documentaries about the Irish of America

Friends of Irish Studies in the West has a new documentary film project to record and share a history of the Irish in Montana. It will focus nationwide attention on the rich Irish culture of the state, the unique Irish Studies program they have, and, help to attract out-of-state students from the greater Irish American community.

A request is made that the Irish community nationwide support a project that focuses on the achievements of the Irish of America. The 150th anniversary of the death of Thomas Meagher takes place next year so it’s appropriate to feature his life with a special emphasis on his time in Montana; a film on Marcus Daly, nationalist and industrialist, is long overdue; and O Sullivan represents an cultural movement that originated in America and began the revolution, as Padraig Pearse said, that would achieve independence.

Once these documentaries are made, they will be broadcast on PBS and on Irish national television. A copy of each will be placed in every high school in Montana, and will offer scholarships to students to study Irish culture at UM for essays, poems and short stories inspired by the films. Please consider contributing to this project and getting more information at Friends of irish Studies. The Friends of Irish Studies is a non-profit community based organization established to unite those of Irish heritage and those with a love of Ireland by fostering Irish culture at the local, national, and international levels.

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Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance Merges with Celtic Steps

The Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance has merged with Celtic Steps in Colorado and will now also be called Celtic Steps at its schools in Arizona and New Mexico. Celtic Steps is now the biggest Irish dance school in the western United States, offering classes in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and South Dakota. The website is currently in transition.

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Why do Guinness bubbles go down instead of up?

Why do Guinness bubbles go down instead of up?

Science has finally figured out just why Guinness is so different. They found that the bubbles rose rapidly at the center of the glass, pulling the surrounding liquid with them and setting up a circulating current while the outlying bubbles moved downwards.Unlike other brews, the bubbles in Guinness go down rather than up.

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Bloom film just released on demand

Never got around to reading Ulysses? Watch the film. “‘Bloom” is an award-winning Irish film adaptation of James Joyce’s novel “Ulysses”, starring Academy Award® Nominee Stephen Rea, Angeline Ball, Hugh O’Conor and Patrick Bergin. Today, “Bloom” has been launched on VOD (Video On Demand), making it available, for the first time, on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video.

“Bloom” has been hailed as “Quite Brilliant” by the Sunday Independent, “Bawdy, Irreverent, Lyrical” by The Sunday Tribune and “Vigorous, Musical and Modern” by The Sunday Times. Angeline Ball, in particular, earned wide acclaim, winning a Best Actress IFTA for her remarkable portrayal of Molly Bloom, probably the most controversial and complex female character in modern literature.

So, if you’re one of the millions who are curious about Ulysses but never got around to reading the book, “Bloom” is a great place to start unlocking the drama, the humour and the humanity inside James Joyce’s masterpiece. (And you will be more prepared for next year’s Bloomsday events, which were inspired by the book. Find out more here.

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Congratulations to the 2015 Parade Winners

Grand Marshal’s Award- McArdle Clan Shenanigans
Best Parade Theme- Irish Gaelic Society
Best Musical Entry- Tucson Fire Pipe and Drum Band
Most Humorous Entry- Society of Perpetual Indulgment
Best Commercial Entry- Tucson Jeeps

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New Resource to Learn to Play an Instrument and Traditional Irish Music Online

Learn to play an instrument and traditional Irish music with a professional musician online. Register today for 3 FREE Video Tutorials at

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Local Irish Dancers Excel at the Western Region Oireachtas

Eric Crone of Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance in Tucson placed first for the boys under 12 at the Western Region Oireachtas championship held in Phoenix November 21-23, 2014. Tori Schull from Maguire Academy of Irish Dance in Tucson placed first for the girls under 16. They both qualify to dance at the Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2015 (World Championships of Irish dance), to be held in Montreal March 29-April 5, 2015. The Western Region encompasses 11 western states. Congratulations, Eric and Tori!

Tir Conaill boys Liam Boyd and Tristan Holmes qualified for the Worlds by coming in 2nd in boys under 13 and 3rd in boys under 11, respectively. Other local World Qualifiers are Bella Bravin of Maguire, who won 2nd place, and Meghan Crownhart of Tir Conaill, who came in 17th, in girls under 14, a competition with 129 competitors, Tir Conaill’s Liam Critchley, who won 3rd in boys under 17, and Channing Stirrat who came in 13th in girls under 15, and Maguire’s Lexi Plevel, who won 5th in under 20. Congratulations to all of the Tucson World Qualifiers!

Tucson dancers who qualified to dance at the North American Irish Dance Championships July 2-6, 2015 in Providence, Rhode Island, in addition to the Word Qualifiers, are Maguire dancers Ethan Kaczynski 6th in boys under 8, Juliette Duncan 7th in girls under 8, Taryn Howells 18th in girls under 16, Natalie Hall 17th in girls under 13, and Rylne Voss, 8th, and Sequoia Fitzsimmons, 21st, both in girls under 9, Lauren Tucker, 30th in girls under under 18, and Kayley Bright 20th in girls under 19.

Too young to go to the Worlds but placing highly were Tir Conaill’s Patrick Baumann, 3rd in boys under 9, and Olivia Murphy, 10th in girls under 8.

Tir Conaill’s under 8 and under 12 mixed ceili teams each came in 3rd. The Maguire under 8 girls ceili team came in 4th. The Maguire ladies ceili team came in 3rd, and the Tir Conaill ladies ceili team came in 4th out of 8 teams competing.

Congratulations, dancers!

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Congratulations to the 2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

Grand Marshal’s Award: McArdle Clan Shenanigans
Best Parade Theme: Irish American Gaelic Society
Best Musical entry: Tucson & District Pipe Band
Most Humerous: Mashed Potato Queens
Tucson Award for the Best Commercial Entry: Fini’s Landing
Best Dance Group: Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance

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Flanagan's Celtic Corner in a New Location

Flanagan’s Celtic Corner, Tucson’s only Celtic store, has moved to its new location at 2719 E. Broadway, between Tucson Blvd. and Country Club on the north side of the road.

Regular business hours are 10-6, Tuesday through Saturday. The phone number is 520 623-9922. Please be sure to stop by and see all the new inventory of Irish, Scottish and Welsh items and support this local business.

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Death of TIC web designer

Katherine Huck Fernie Howard, the talented artist and web designer who designed this web site and served as its technical web master died suddenly on March 11, 2013, at the age of 41. She will be dearly missed.

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Maguire dancer Taryn Howells named an Arizona Irish Lass

Taryn Eideanna Marie Howells, 14, of Tucson has been selected as one of two 2013 Arizona Irish Lasses, eligible to compete to be named 2013 Rose of Tralee. The Rose of Tralee International Festival is one of Ireland’s largest and longest running festivals, celebrating 54 years in 2013. The heart of the festival is the selection of the Rose of Tralee which brings young women of Irish descent from around the world to County Kerry, Ireland for a global celebration of Irish culture. The festival also includes street entertainment, carnival, live concerts, theatre, circus, markets, funfair, fireworks and our internationally renowned Rose Parade.

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Ireland Reaching Out to You -- Unlock your past in Ireland!

We have been contacted by a new Irish Government-sponsored programme called Ireland Reaching Out seeking to connect people of Irish heritage abroad with their place of origin in Ireland and know this will be of interest to you.

By joining any of the 2,500+ parish communities online, direct genealogical assistance is available from local people in the area who also volunteer to meet any of you who make a return visit. This is a free service run by local parish volunteers and Ireland XO is a not-for-profit charity.

Above all, Ireland XO builds on the paper trail of the records that may only get people so far, by providing that final link of local knowledge. Ireland XO link directly to people from the communities of their ancestors and use their knowledge to perhaps finally discover that elusive headstone, or the spot where the ancestral home once stood, or to even seek out some long-lost cousins.

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TIC is now on Twitter

Tucson Irish Community is now on Twitter. Follow us at @IrishCommunity. We will post our new events and news on our Twitter feed.

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Website up and running

The tecchnical problems that caused the web site articles and photos to be unavailable have now been fixed. All of the parade and festival photos are now viewable and downloadable for noncommercial purposes.

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2012 St. Patrick's Day Parade Winners

Here are the winners from the 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Parade:

Grand Marshal’s Choice: Family of Mike Haggerty

Best Musical: Tir Conaill Academy of Irish Dance

Best Parade Theme: McArdle Clan Shenanigans

Most Humorous: Mashed Potato Queens

Best Commercial Float: Truly Nolen

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